Descent into Heaven

My students have recently been reading Charles Williams’ Descent into Hell. Though I had read Williams’ Figure of Beatrice (which is, incidentally, an excellent commentary on Dante’s thought), this was my first exposure to his fiction. His writing style is...

/ January 4, 2005

Belated, but nevertheless HNY!

I like New Year’s celebrations. Despite some opinions to the contrary, I really am not so cynical as to not get some enjoyment out of the holiday. In fact, it really is one of the greatest celebrations we Americans share....

/ January 3, 2005

Mohammed and Pop Culture

After meeting with Matt in Seattle and being mildly reprimanded for not having contributed anything to Mere Orthodoxy but only revelling in the enjoyment of reading the opinions of others, I have decided to try my hand at blogging. (It...

/ December 27, 2004


My brother points out that today we celebrate the “Christian appropriation of paganism.” He labels it syncretism, but that’s a tad misleading. Christianity did not just adapt the pagan practices, but baptized them. The celebrations we now understand as Christmas...

/ December 25, 2004

Unto Us

Emmanuel. God with Us. Prince of Peace. Counselor. Mighty God. The King of Kings. The Christ. Merry Christmas.

/ December 25, 2004

A mind is a terrible thing to waste on comedy

Eddie Izzard is a gifted, but he’s burying his talent. How can I claim this, and why should I be bothering about the speck in his life before the log in mine? As to the first, I shall attempt to...

/ December 24, 2004

Technological progress

I am someone who grew up inculcated with the belief that mankind, as a whole, is always progressing forward. I was never preached Darwinian evolution but I somehow came out of Junior High with other forms of evolutionary or progressive...

/ December 18, 2004

Beltre Blues

He’ll be wearing a different shade this season. The Mariners just spent a lot of money–more money on one player than ever before in club history. Cure-all? Who knows. And now for something completely different: Wish Beethoven a happy birthday...

/ December 16, 2004

Hewitt Vox Blogoli VI

If you are visiting from Hewitt’s site, then you have by now read the Newsweek piece on the veracity of the Incarnation. I won’t bother repeating the systematic destruction of Dr. Mark Roberts. If you haven’t read it yet, read...

/ December 14, 2004

Feminist Theo

Leithart has posted some interesting thoughts on feminist theology. My classes have been reading through That Hideous Strength, of which a substantial element of the plot is the relationship between the masculine and feminine. My favorite reflection: 3) Speaking of...

/ December 12, 2004