Why We Are Restless

Ben and Jenna Storey met while doing their doctorates at the University of Chicago. Ben is the Jane Gage Hipp Professor of Politics and International Affairs, and Director of the Tocqueville Program at Furman University. Jenna is Assistant Professor of...

/ September 16, 2021

The Sphere, 20 Years Later

It was love at first sight. Tall and statuesque, she cast a beautiful golden glow. To a 23-year-old Florida girl, she radiated the style and energy of my new city, and I wanted to be just like her. I sat...

/ September 10, 2021

100 Days of Dante

2021 marks the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri (b. 1265). Dante was a poet, a politician, a philosopher, and a theologian. He is best known for his masterpiece, La Commedia, known to anglophone readers as The Divine...

/ September 8, 2021

Kanye the Pious

If you were to read half-a-dozen reviews of Kanye West’s latest album, Donda — and I recommend that you don’t —you would learn chiefly that West is a bad person. He’s a bad person for associating with social undesirables; he’s...

/ September 7, 2021

Book Review: Black Fundamentalists by Daniel Bare

Daniel Bare. Black Fundamentalists: Conservative Christianity and Racial Identity in the Segregation Era. New York: New York University Press, 2021. 272 pp, $30. I was born and raised in the Pentecostal church, steeped and simmered in the rhythms of the AOG...

/ August 26, 2021

Market Apocalypse

Rodney Clapp. Naming Neo-Liberalism: Exposing the Spirit of Our Age. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2021. 250 pp, $24.00 In recent years liberalism has been on the ropes. Not the liberalism of the Democratic Party, where the L-word means “left of center.” Liberalism...

/ August 25, 2021

We Became American: Why the Right is Wrong about Afghan Refugees

In 1969, my father escaped Libya in the back of a Red Cross ambulance just after Moammar Qaddafi overthrew King Idris I. Just six years old, my father, along with my aunts and grandparents, fled directly from Tripoli to Baltimore, where he lived for...

/ August 24, 2021

Laughter and Simplicity: Why Didn’t the Monad Cross the Road?

Q. Why didn’t the monad cross the road? A. Because it lacks spatial location.

/ August 23, 2021

Starfish Stories

At the climax of the recent wannabe-blockbuster film The Suicide Squad[1], a giant mind-controlling starfish is wreaking havoc across a nondescript non-American city when the team of super-villains (who are, from a story perspective, the heroes of the movie) must...

/ August 18, 2021

Book Review: Enjoying the Bible by Matthew Mullins

Matthew Mullins. Enjoying the Bible: Literary Approaches to Loving the Scriptures. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2021. 224 pp, $22.99. I stood before my class of mostly unengaged private Christian school students in a small Texas town. Masks covered the bottom...

/ August 17, 2021