European Birth Rates

Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping links to a few articles detailing the impending crisis in Europe. The Pope coined the term ‘culture of death.’ Europe’s culture of death might just result in the death of cultural Europe. Too much...

/ March 21, 2005

Charity Begins at Homo Sapiens

Check out a recent article in New Scientist on the deep-seated altruism of humankind. The article isn’t conclusive, but it does pose problems for those who wish to collapse the fundamental distinction between humankind and the animal kingdom. Not that...

/ March 17, 2005

Moral Relativism and the Air Force

One week ago I returned from a six week training school in Montgomery, AL. The program, Air and Space Basic Course (ASBC), is the first step in Air Force mandated professional military education and serves as a catch-all for second...

/ March 9, 2005

Humour’s purpose

Hypothesis 1: One purpose of humour is to make palatable truths so horrible and terrible that we would otherwise ignore them entirely. I take “humour” to mean something like the presentation of some speech or image whose intention is to...

/ March 7, 2005

“Their Eyes Were Watching God”

Oprah Winfrey was intimately involved in bringing this novel by Zora Neale Herston to television, which aired March 6, 2005. It follows the life of a young black woman, Janie, (Halle Berry) through her relationships with three different men. She...

/ March 7, 2005

GodBlogCon Again

The buzz around GodBlogCon is growing and concerns about the name have followed. Check out Jeff Jarvis of on MSNBC’s new show Connected: Coast to Coast. (HT: Matt Margolis). After you’ve watched that, read this concern by Margolis and...

/ March 1, 2005

Enourmously helpful addition to the Internet

Google maps is awesome.

/ February 28, 2005

GodBlogCon 2005

The Christian Blogosphere now knows what I’ve known for a few days: GodBlogCon 2005 will be hosted by the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University. The official announcement is up over at Andrew Jackson’s blog. How, you ask, was I...

/ February 28, 2005

Peter Kreeft at Biola

Christian apologist Peter Kreeft visited Biola University this weekend as a guest of the Torrey Honors Institute. Kreeft has written numerous books in various styles on numerous subjects including apologetics, heaven, prayer, Catholicism and Aquinas. His next work (and the...

/ February 26, 2005

East Asian Developments

Paul Musgrave has an excellent summary of recent developments in East Asia. The East Asian security story is the most consequential of this decade. China is rising to power; North Korea’s regime is clinging for life to a nuclear life...

/ February 26, 2005