My brother points out that today we celebrate the “Christian appropriation of paganism.” He labels it syncretism, but that’s a tad misleading. Christianity did not just adapt the pagan practices, but baptized them. The celebrations we now understand as Christmas...

/ December 25, 2004

Unto Us

Emmanuel. God with Us. Prince of Peace. Counselor. Mighty God. The King of Kings. The Christ. Merry Christmas.

/ December 25, 2004

A mind is a terrible thing to waste on comedy

Eddie Izzard is a gifted, but he’s burying his talent. How can I claim this, and why should I be bothering about the speck in his life before the log in mine? As to the first, I shall attempt to...

/ December 24, 2004

Technological progress

I am someone who grew up inculcated with the belief that mankind, as a whole, is always progressing forward. I was never preached Darwinian evolution but I somehow came out of Junior High with other forms of evolutionary or progressive...

/ December 18, 2004

Beltre Blues

He’ll be wearing a different shade this season. The Mariners just spent a lot of money–more money on one player than ever before in club history. Cure-all? Who knows. And now for something completely different: Wish Beethoven a happy birthday...

/ December 16, 2004

Hewitt Vox Blogoli VI

If you are visiting from Hewitt’s site, then you have by now read the Newsweek piece on the veracity of the Incarnation. I won’t bother repeating the systematic destruction of Dr. Mark Roberts. If you haven’t read it yet, read...

/ December 14, 2004

Feminist Theo

Leithart has posted some interesting thoughts on feminist theology. My classes have been reading through That Hideous Strength, of which a substantial element of the plot is the relationship between the masculine and feminine. My favorite reflection: 3) Speaking of...

/ December 12, 2004

Mr. Willingham Goes to Washington

The excommunication of Tyrone Willingham from the “Football Papacy” came as a surprise to many in the sports world. Notre Dame’s decision further tarnished a rapidly fading image. Now Willingham comes to Washington, hopefully to restore respect and integrity to...

/ December 12, 2004

Old news..

The net is already abuzz with the news of Antony Flew’s switch. I first read about it from Jonathansink. Also, the interview in Philosophia Christi is fascinating. Habermas pushes Flew about his position on the possibility of the after-life. Flew...

/ December 11, 2004

Stats and Blogging

Today I discovered that The Doctor has a link to this site on his own page. Naturally, this prompted visions of ‘blog glory’–hundreds of thousands of hits per day, all to read the thoughts here. I finally realized, though, that...

/ December 7, 2004