Category: Education

An Education for Love

Each Sunday, many churches throughout the world begin their service with “The Summary of the Law.” One of the first things Christians hear each week is Jesus’ words defining a good life. Here’s what he says: “You shall love the...

/ January 30, 2023

Persons Not Products

Charlotte Mason helped me make sense of my education. I had caring and competent teachers in high school, but they could not compensate for the educational system we operated in. You may find that system familiar. It breaks education down...

/ September 9, 2022

When Should I Write? Brief Reflections on the Relationship Between Writing and Expertise

It was a Thursday afternoon; I was perched up in the corner of my favorite local coffee shop with a back-pack full of books that teetered somewhere between impressive and embarrassing. I was in the middle of what I refer...

/ August 11, 2022

Teaching Children to See

This past winter, my six-year-old began each day looking out the window. I would hear him roll out of bed, feet hit the floor, his footsteps moving toward one of the windows in his room. I knew what he was...

/ August 9, 2022

An Education for Lincoln’s Heaven

In a 2013 article on ‘Christian Schooling and Racial Realities,’ Hunter Baker concluded that while “the racial unification of the American church might best begin in the Christian schoolhouse” he lamented that it is a “mission … awaiting a champion...

/ July 27, 2022

In Memoriam: Michael Baker: Teacher of Persons

I suspect that my old high school teacher Michael Baker would have rather mixed feelings about having an obituary published in a magazine called Mere Orthodoxy. Certainly, he was the kind of teacher that would have scared many white evangelical parents,...

/ May 30, 2022

The Case for the Christian Liberal Arts in a Polarized, Fractious Age

Physicist Leonard Mlodinow opens his entertaining book The Drunkard’s Walk with the story of a lottery winner whose lucky ticket ended with the number 48.[1]  However, according to the contestant, luck had nothing to do with it. Claiming clairvoyance, they dreamt the...

/ May 9, 2022

A Univers(ity) Without a Story

Blessed are those who dwell in your house, ever singing your praise! Selah -Psalm 84:4 Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi is a novel open to myriad interpretations. One reading of the story is as a parable helping us rediscover the integrative power of the...

/ January 10, 2022

Moral Values and the Intercultural Development Inventory

In a previous article, I wrote about my concern with Christian organizations employing the Intercultural Development Inventory for two reasons, the undermining of the image of God and the undermining of objective moral values.

/ December 14, 2021

Christian Organizations Should Reconsider Using the Intercultural Development Inventory

If you’ve ever taken the Intercultural Development Inventory, a psychometric assessment administered at multiple secular and Christian organizations, you may have sensed that there’s more to it than your ability to get along with people of other cultures. In a...

/ July 13, 2021