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Forthcoming Special Edition Bibles from a Major Christian Publisher

November 29th, 2018 | 3 min read

By Susannah Black and Jake Meador

The Mere O team has deep connections to the Christian publishing industry, and over the course of a recent three-mocktail lunch in midtown Manhattan with an unnamed industry bigwig, our operative managed to secure a list of titles forthcoming from their Bibles and Devotionals team. We present it here for your contemplation; please feel free to contact the publisher directly for galleys. We will leave it up to you to guess which one.

The Culturemaking Bible: NYC Creative Edition

The Truth to Power Bible: Itinerant Revolutionary Edition

The God is Still Speaking Bible: Updated with the Latest Private Revelations

The Girl, Wash Your Face Devotional Women’s Bible with Study Helps from Paula White

The Every Square Inch Bible: Young, Restless, Reformed Edition 

The Liberty Bible: Founding Fathers Commemorative Edition, with Complementary Tear-Out Bill of Rights, Suitable for Framing

The Horoscope Bible: Reading The Bible Through The Lens of Ancient Babylonian Astrology, Just Like the Magi and Probably Daniel Practiced

The Fortnite Bible: Shelter from Storm Edition

The CrunchyCon Bible: Featuring Recipes and Anecdotes from Rod Dreher’s Priest 

The Authentic, Vulnerable, #NoFilter Bible: Instagram-Compatible Edition

The Snapchat Bible with Disappearing Text

The Weird Catholic Twitter Study Bible: With Study Notes by Woke Space Jesuit in 280 Characters or Fewer

The Jefferson Bible: 21st Century Edition

The Emoji Bible: Updated with New Skin Tones

Jesus Calling: Red Letter Edition. Send away for a special Jesus-shaped lens through which to read the accounts of the Canaanite conquests!

The Cage Stage Calvinist Bible: With Suggestions for Fun Conversations to Have with Your Arminian Youth Pastor When You are Home from College for Break

The SpaceX Bible: Journeying Through God’s Cosmos On Government Subsidized Public-Private Partnerships

The 1% Bible: New Gilded Edition for Entrepreneurial Makers and Shakers

The Jacobin Bible: Biblical Wisdom for Seizing the Means of Production

The Judah Smith iPhone App Bible Video Edition with Special Drone Delivery of Bread and Juice for In-Home Communion

The Museum of The Bible Bible: Adapted from Real Exhibits at the Museum of the Bible

The God Is Not Dead Bible: Featuring Apologetic Interludes from Ken Ham

The Chick-Fil-A Bible: Taste and See Edition

The Shalom Bible: One Semester of Hebrew Edition

The Koinonia Bible: Religion Major Edition

The God’s Not Dead 2 Bible: The Only Bible Proven In Court To Show God’s Not Dead

The HCSB Semi-Annual Bible: Talk About Your Translation More Than You Read It Edition

The LCD Bible: Understand the Bible’s Profound Message For Computer Dorks (Foreword by Chris Krycho)

The Lutheran Study Bible: Redacted To Exclude Epistles of Straw Edition

The Joe Carter Study Bible: 9 Things You Should Know About Every Single Verse

The Massage: Suitable For Myofascial Release Therapy Edition

The Family Worship Bible: Supplemented for Maximum Fertility

The Baptist Study Bible: Biblical Literalist Edition, With Special Glasses to Filter Out the Literal Meaning of John 6

The Church Growth Strategies Bible: With Study Notes by John Maxwell

The Nadia Bolz-Weber Bible: With Ethically Sourced “Knew His Wife” Illustrations

The Mark Driscoll Kick-Ass Jesus Study Bible for Kids: Now with Special Edition Prize Fighter Jesus Temporary Flash Tattoos