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Lessons from the Downfall of Ravi Zacharias

March 18th, 2021 | 7 min read

By David Moore

I interviewed Ravi Zacharias on radio in October of 1997. He could not have been more gracious. My show ran from 5-6 pm on Saturdays. I always called my guests a few hours before to make sure they were ready to go. When I called him, he sounded horrible. His obvious cold was getting the better of him. I told him we could cancel and rebook the interview. He would not hear of it and said it would be “a privilege to be interviewed.” I have been around many Christian leaders. Not all would be so accommodating.

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David Moore

David George Moore is the author of several books. Most recently, he wrote Stuck in the Present: How History Frees and Forms Christians to offer a resource for more comprehensive spiritual formation and discipleship. Stuck in the Present: How History Frees and Forms Christians: Dave’s new YouTube channel features his interviews and commentary.