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The World that Money Makes Go Round

“Stick man lives in the family tree With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three.” So begins Stick Man—my son’s favourite bedtime story. Parents of a certain age will know it well. Julia Donaldson (of The Gruffalo fame) spins a lovely...

/ March 21, 2023

The PR Style in Christian Media

By now the discourse surrounding Joshua Ryan Butler’s book excerpt published at the Gospel Coalition has in some ways exhausted itself. To be sure, Butler’s intentions for the text—to highlight and commend the beauty of the Christian sex ethic—is fairly...

/ March 13, 2023

In Conversation with Os Guinness

This marks a veritable baker’s dozen of Guinness books I’ve read. None of the thirteen have been duds, though I certainly have my favorites. Guinness has authored about thirty-five books along with being the lead drafter for the Williamsburg Charter...

/ March 7, 2023

Why Are Young Conservatives Less Depressed?

In a recent essay, Matt Yglesias attempted to explain the curious but well-documented phenomenon of why younger progressive minded teens are consistently more depressed than their conservative counterparts.

/ March 6, 2023

A Time to Die: Reflections on Medically-Assisted Dying in Canada

There is “a time to die” says Scripture (Ecclesiastes 3:2). When is that time? And who decides? I live in Canada, where these questions now seem to have clear answers: you may decide when to die, and whatever you decide...

/ March 1, 2023

A Prayer for the 118th Congress

A Prayer for the 118th Congress Americans, at least those paying attention, have reacted in diverse ways to the spectacle which unfolded last week in the United States House of Representatives. Some have shown rage. Others have expressed confusion. Some...

/ January 13, 2023

Three Worlds and Two Christianities

At a recent book launch in Melbourne, one of Australia’s leading Christian scholars, Sarah Irving-Stonebraker, astutely observed that Richard Niebuhr’s models of Christ and culture, a framework which has wielded great influence for decades, is now outdated. Irving-Stonebraker further stated...

/ January 11, 2023

In the Perilous Realm: Tradition and Memory in “The Rings of Power”

At the waning of the year, looking ahead to the blaze of Christmas, I’ve been reexamining Amazon’s adventures in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Legendarium. The first season of The Rings of Power was a moral muddle, but the story was strongest when...

/ December 21, 2022

Christianity Against the Civilizational State(s)

In his book Return of the Strong Gods, First Things editor Rusty Reno suggests that we are nearing the end of the long 20th century and, with it, the end of the American-centric global order that defined the latter stage...

/ December 12, 2022

Matthew 18 and the Public Square

We’ve heard this story dozens of times this year, the year before that one, going on for what feels like a generation: a schoolteacher is in the public discourse for apparently radicalizing students behind the backs of parents. Blast the...

/ December 2, 2022