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The Coming Psychedelic Moment

December 1st, 2023 | 17 min read

By Phil Cotnoir

Former Navy SEAL and popular podcaster Shawn Ryan has been open with his audience of millions about the benefits of psychedelics. Like so many veterans, he was a mess of inner turmoil after returning from combat. He described his DMT and Ibogaine therapy in 2022 as “profound,” “life-changing,” and “healing,” claiming it set him on a spiritual quest. Then in 2023 he announced he had come to Christ, and when he was subsequently asked if he would ever do psychedelics again, he demurred: “I don’t know.”

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Phil Cotnoir

Phil Cotnoir is a freelance writer and editor from Montreal with an eclectic range of interests and work experience. He writes regularly at TGC Canada and at his blog, and serves as a lay leader in his local church and denomination.