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Teach Us to Number Our Days: Health Anxiety and Faithful Anticipation

March 18th, 2024 | 25 min read

By Brewer Eberly and Ben Frush

“Human beings have tried to restrict the river to one course. That’s where the arrogance began. ... Whenever you try to control nature, you’ve got one strike against you.”

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Brewer Eberly and Ben Frush

Brewer Eberly is a third-generation family physician at the Fischer Clinic in Raleigh, NC and a McDonald Agape Fellow with the Theology, Medicine, & Culture Initiative at Duke Divinity School. Ben Frush is a hospice and palliative medicine fellow at UNC Chapel Hill and a rising McDonald Agape Fellow in Bioethics at Georgetown University. Brewer and Ben are both fellows of the Paul Ramsey Institute and the Theology, Medicine, & Culture Fellowship where they met as medical students. They have remained close friends and co-laborers ever since.