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Screwtape’s Warning about Polemics and Evangelical Associations

Over the past year, I sounded in various ways my growing concern about the tribalization of public life and the corresponding loss of a shared framework where we might work out disputes reasonably has grown.  My final post in that...

/ January 10, 2013

Speaking the Truth in Love: Rules of Engagement for the Polemically-Inclined

During the little kerfluffle that followed my post on N.T. Wright and the debate over women bishops, several folks suggested that while I may have been right about the general principle of “intellectual empathy,” it was wrong to apply such...

/ December 20, 2012

Intellectual Empathy and Overcoming Disagreement

Now that we have passed the high point in the American political cycle and quickly headed into the holiday season, it’s time to think about repairing the political fissures with our friends and families.  Over the past few years, concerns...

/ November 19, 2012