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'Divine Ideas,' with Dr. Thomas M. Ward

November 3rd, 2020 | 2 min read

By timmotte

If all being originates in God, and God is One, how can there be many beings? This is just one of the questions that Dr. Thomas Ward discusses here with Matt and Derek, and in his book, Divine Ideas. Dr. Ward and Matt go way back. And Duns Scotus gets no fist bumps from Derek, even though he might be the hero of Divine Simplicity.

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Lexham Press Book of the Month [1:28]

What are Divine Ideas? [5:05]

Competitors to the theory of Divine Ideas [9:53]

God contains more multitudes than Walt Whitman. Is there a perfect form of mud? [15:54]

Privation theory of evil. 1st fist bump [18:33]

Divine Simplicity [23:28]

No fist bump for Duns Scotus [29:41]

What is 'participation' as a category? [30:54]

Why is it important to get this issue right? [36:26]

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