Assuming that there are those of you out there who read our blog but do not read Scriptorium Daily (which might be an inaccurate assumption), I thought I’d refer you to John Mark Reynold’s most recent post. In it he provides a simple and elegant case for why one should try to understand Evangelicalism, even when one isn’t an Evangelical, and why it might matter that you do.

I remember going for a walk with a cousin of mine who had grown up in the spiritualistic mecca of Northern California. She started a conversation wondering how I could possibly believe the gospel, and it turned out she had absolutely no idea what the Biblical gospel was. Many years later, she is now an Evangelical. In this politicized and media-guzzling culture I wonder how many more are like her: unable to begin interacting with the God of the Bible until it’s understood that the majority of  his followers aren’t completely ridiculous, some people’s thoughts on natural disasters notwithstanding.

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Posted by Cate MacDonald

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