They are a blowin.

I have just spent an hour attempting to find anything about this weeks Evangelical Theological Society meeting in San Antonio and have found nothing substantial. Apparently, the live-blogging phenomena has reached the classroom but not the lecture hall. Evangelicals are, once again, behind the times.

Rumor has it that J.P. Moreland and Albert Mohler delivered stinging rebukes of post-modern theology. A professor who just returned (I picked him up from the airport) said that Moreland’s criticisms were particularly severe. He (allegedly) included a challenge: if anyone could defeat his arguments, they should publish it so he could respond.

Yes, it’s hearsay, but it’s downright interesting and I will work on substantiating it as soon as I can. Moreland is a hero of mine. He’s never been afraid to call out the sins of the age (and of Biola!) and it sounds as though he has done it again, only on a broader scale. I’ll post confirmation just as soon as someone publishes something about it.

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Posted by Matthew Lee Anderson

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