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The Universal Christ: Neither Imperialist nor Localist but Evangelists

October 30th, 2023 | 12 min read

By Terence Sweeney

Christians have long looked to the early Christians for guidance. Their proximity to the source of Christianity, the work they did to foster orthodoxy and unity within the Church, and the ways in which they spread the Gospel provide inspiration for Christians in other eras. For Christian living in a post-Christendom age, they offer a particular wisdom because they lived in a pre-Christendom age. As a minority religion now, we look to how Christians acted in the minority then. Sohrab Ahmari looks to the ancients for guidance in his essay “Apostolic Empire,” finding in their political takeover of the Roman Empire guidance for taking over the American Empire.

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Terence Sweeney

Terence Sweeney is a professor in the Honors Program at Villanova University.