Inspired by the discussion over Andrew’s book, Matt, Derek, and Alastair sit down to tackle another ecclesiastical issue: the invisibility of the church.



Intro [1:00 – 3:30].

The origin and meaning of the doctrine of the invisibility of the church [3:30 – 6:25].

Alastair describes the invisibility of the church as the foundation of the church because it’s foundation is Christ, who is invisible [6:25 – 8:47].

While the doctrine helps to make the visible structure of the church secondary, how does this relate to Christology, and the church as the visible body of Christ? [8:47 – 11:40].

How the doctrine helps make sense of those within the church partaking of its blessings, yet do not partake in them efficaciously  [11:40 – 17:50].

Does the doctrine too individualize the church? [17:50 – 21:50].

If the claim of the invisible church is that the church is composed of all of its individual members, how does that inform us how to view the local church, as an institution, down the street? [21:50 – 33:55].

Conclusion [33:55 – 35:08].

Resources: Believing in the Church: Why Ecumenism Needs the Invisibility of the Church by Bradford Littlejohn


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