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John the Baptist

December 8th, 2020 | 2 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

Alastair, Derek, and Matt dive into a rousing discussion of the role of John the Baptist in salvation history. Is he the end of the Old Testament or the Beginning of the New? Why did Jesus call him the “greatest born of woman?” What’s his connection to Elisha? And what’s with the camel hair? Get your answers, or at least better questions, here.

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Woot [0:20]

Lexham Press Book of the Month [0:40]

John the Baptist and His Place in the Economy of Salvation [1:56]

Which Gospel do we begin with? [3:49]

The Way of the Lord needs to be prepared. [7:09]

Why did John wear camel hair? [14:11]

Repent [16:02]

The Last of the Prophets or the Beginning of the Church? [19:45]

What John Is Not [28:19]

The Significance of Preparation for Our Own Times [32:48]


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Matthew Lee Anderson

Matthew Lee Anderson is the Founder and Lead Writer of Mere Orthodoxy. He is the author of Earthen Vessels: Why Our Bodies Matter to our Faith and The End of Our Exploring: A Book about Questioning and the Confidence of Faith. Follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.