Andrew’s new book, Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship, is just that: an invitation to have and experience charismatic worship while also holding to a high view of the sacraments. The crew sat down to discuss the book and also distinguish between what it means to be a “bouncy” charismatic and a “dusty” Anglican.


Overview of the book, answering the question as to why liturgical and sacramental churches often do not mesh with emotive charismatic churches [2:00 – 4:00].

Why a structured order of worship does not constrict the expressiveness of worship [6:15 – 8:40].

Why and how different kinds of behavior and personal dispositions help to inform their counterparts and ultimately seek to unify the church [8:40 -15:14].

Answering the question as to why emotive expressions of worship are often made to be spontaneous [15:14 – 24:00].

Why the book does not advocate for a separation or truncated view of the Spirit and the administration of the sacraments [24:00 – 26:15].

Andrew argues for why and how Eucharismatic worship is what is needed to avoid the spectacle of “rock concert worship” [26:15 – 29:37].

Answering the question as to how this kind of worship leads to an individual’s understanding and practice of spiritual gifts and their empowerment outside of the Sunday service [29:37 -33:04].

Answering how this view practically plays out in a church and speaks to different contexts, encouraging and challenging those from either charismatic or high church bents to embrace each other [33:04 – 34:00]

Conclusion, announcing special offer to supporters of the show [34:00 – 36:52].

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  1. I haven’t listened yet but this looks really interesting! Here’s an example in the Anglican Ordinariate too:


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