“Everything is fated, but not until after we have chosen it.”

“Regret deeply; he who risks much gains much.”
“Are you afraid of messing up? You should be. But aren’t you even more afraid of never getting better? Which is the greater error?”

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Posted by Keith E. Buhler


  1. “Regret deeply; he who risks much gains much.”

    While obviously not always true (as I think your proverb that immediately follows assumes), I still really like this one.

    Regret gets such a bad wrap these days…

    …by the way 1) who are you quoting? 2) if it’s yourself you really ought not use quotation marks. :)

    Love, B.


  2. It’s me from so long ago that I don’t remember why or what was the context, so I don’t want to take credit. How is it that “one” person can change so much over the course of a lifetime? Anyway, hence the quotes.


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