Jim is asking the questions that matter over at Decorabilia. Incidentally, Mere O reader Nobody didn’t like Spiderman 3 much either.

The inestimable Justin Taylor is curious about “White Center,” a Rothko that sold for $5 million.

Anyone out there care to explain what’s so special about this?

I’m sure those into abstract art will be mortified to hear me say this, but doesn’t it look like something you could put together in PhotoShop in about 5 minutes?

If you’re like me, then you have probably always wondered, what exactly is Montessori education, anyway? Emily Bazelon of Slate explains.

Update:  Posted this, then realized that I forgot to add one.  Jae Ran Kim asks:
Just for fun, I thought I would apply a social worker’s perspective to the wholesome characters in popular Disney movies. Though not meant to be a rail against Disney per se; the Disney power of influence continues to affect millions of children around the world, and I thought it would be cheeky to take a closer look. How many of these beloved characters live in a married, two-parent (hetero) household?

Answer?  Not many.   (HT:  FRCBlog)

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