A wise word and by word, I mean “Tweet” from everyone’s favorite Southern Baptist sage, Dr. Russell Moore: “If your passions are more provoked today by this health care plan than they were yesterday by your neighbors going to hell: wonder why?”

History isn’t written according to quill and parchment.

Eloquent doom and gloom will abound for sure; even by those whom I agree with. Some, perhaps all, of it will be true. Today’s (likely) legislation triggers the most expansive statist progress since FDR or LBJ. The raucous around the water-cooler may hold a more harsher tone of vehemence tomorrow—particularly if you were putting “hope” in a pro-life Democrat from Michigan, but I have profound news for you: The sun, Lord willing, will rise. The earth will continue its rotation around its axis, and Washington pundits are still promised to bow to a greater Physician yet to come.

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Posted by Andrew Walker

Andrew T. Walker is an Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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  1. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will call upon the name of the Lord…


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