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Who wrote the Nicene Creed? Why did the estimated 300 bishops present at the Council of Nicaea use terms such as “Light of Light… consubstantial… proceeding…” and more to describe God? Is the creed even intelligible to us today in the same sense its early proponents understood it? Does the Nicene creed have anything constructive to contribute to our context today, to those disillusioned with traditional forms of religion, or those merely interested in spirituality?

In the first full episode of Passages, Joshua and Caleb give an overview of the Council of Nicaea while grappling with its caricatures and criticisms.


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Joshua Heavin serves as the lead writer and host of Passages, while Caleb Wait serves as the lead producer and co-host. Original music by Aaron Feeney, who welcomes inquires.

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Posted by Joshua Heavin

Joshua Heavin received his PhD at the University of Aberdeen (Trinity College Bristol), is an adjunct professor at Houston Baptist University and the King’s College NYC, and is a postulant in the Anglican Diocese of the South (ACNA).

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  1. This podcast is so well done! As a southern baptist teaching a historical theology class at my local church, it’s a breath of fresh air! Finally, somebody who’s not orthodox, catholic, or anglican talking about these things! Keep it up, guys.


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