Lynching Then and Lynching Now: Racial Justice as Christian Imperative

The United States has a long history of racial terror lynchings. Particularly from the Civil War until this day, thousands of Black men, women and children have been indiscriminately killed for a myriad of reasons. When that killing took place...

/ May 7, 2020

The Gospel is for Us

Evangelicals love the Gospel. They also love to define it. And while that’s certainly important, it often results in bickering over the very thing that should draw all people together. The gospel is about Jesus, and Jesus says “I will...

/ May 6, 2020
Mere Fidelity

The Future of Christian Higher Education with Dr. John Mark Reynolds

College debt, an economic crisis, and the potential problem of aristocratic elitism in classical education are just some of the issues facing Christian higher education today. Here to discuss these and more, Matt and Derek are joined by Dr. John...

/ May 6, 2020

Crisis of Vulnerability

I once pronounced 2020 as my personal recovery year. My wife and I were looking over my calendar and feeling almost giddy—no air travel, no moving dates, no surprises. It was October 2019 and she had spent a couple weeks...

/ May 5, 2020

Liberalism, the American Right, and the Place of Love in Politics

The debate about the common good currently roiling American conservatism is not a new one. In the 1960s it vexed National Review contributors, with William F. Buckley dismissing Pope John XXIII’s encyclical on social progress “Mater et Magistra,” with a...

/ May 5, 2020

Cats and Sixty Foot Whales: Reflections on Children’s Books

The most expensive preschools in America bear a pine-scented resemblance to those senna-tinted photographs of a world before plastics, albeit with no unseemly hint of poverty. Within the world of Waldorf, Montessori and Wild Forest schools the hand dominates the...

/ May 4, 2020

Is Anglicanism a Gateway to Catholicism?: A Defense of Anglo-Catholicism

M. H. Turner’s “Why Is Anglicanism a Gateway to Catholicism?” seems to be written largely as a lament of the influence of the Oxford Movement on the ACNA. Turner calls Anglicans back to what is characterized as “Anglicanism in the...

/ May 1, 2020

To Help Persecuted Christians the U.S. Needs to Freeze the Buhari Regime’s Stolen Funds

Six years ago, in 2014, the Isle of Jersey managed to seize over $300 million dollars in embezzled funds from the grip of the warlord and notorious human rights violator General Sani Abacha, who had previously ruled Nigeria with an...

/ April 29, 2020

The Case for Donating Your Stimulus Check

During a pandemic, it always feels dark. Many future unknowns await us. But we can learn from an unknown Jewish prisoner who penned this line in a poem he wrote within his concentration camp cell.

/ April 29, 2020

Why Is Anglicanism a Gateway to Catholicism?

By M. H. Turner If you have been an Anglican in North America for more than a decade or two, there is an experience you have almost certainly had. You have known someone who got up one day and jumped...

/ April 28, 2020