Maurice Chrittenden in the London Sunday Times points out that Lewis’s stepsons sold his estate. Someone is going to get very wealthy off of the movie, but it’s not clear who.

There are few clues to the ultimate destination of the money. The CS Lewis estate is run by an Australian accountant living in Ireland and a Swiss lawyer who report to two shareholders — trusts based in the tax havens of Liechtenstein and Jersey — and send royalties to a company registered in Singapore.

My hunch: Gresham sold the rights to his own company. It just sounds right.

Oh, and in case you were wondering just how popular Narnia is going to be:

David and Victoria Beckham are planning a Narnia theme party for their older children, Brooklyn and Romeo, this Christmas.

Now you know.

Update: link fixed.

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Posted by Matthew Lee Anderson

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  1. Matt, the link took me to an ignorant and and mordant article on evangelicals’ apotheosis of Lewis. It didn’t mention anything about the selling of the estate.


  2. Yah, that was one of the two bad articles in the Times that I couldn’t bring myself to comment on. I fixed the link–thanks for the heads up.

    Oh, and mordant is a great word.


  3. Dude, now I want the link to the ignorant article!


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