William Stuntz over at TCS has an interesting article on the hottest Senate race in the country–Daschle vs. Thune. Over 50 million bucks have been spent on the race between the two candidates. RealClearPolitics.com has Thune with a slight lead over Daschle.

Here’s hoping he wins it. Thune’s a Biola grad. Because of the missions/pastoral focus of the school, Biola lacks the distinguished alumni that other schools (yes, even Wheaton) boast. However, Thune’s election will put one in the Senate for us. Even if he loses, Stuntz theorizes that he’ll have a cabinet position by January.

Here’s to John Thune, making Biola degrees all over the world more recognizable and valuable.

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Posted by Matthew Lee Anderson

Matthew Lee Anderson is the Founder and Lead Writer of Mere Orthodoxy. He is the author of Earthen Vessels: Why Our Bodies Matter to our Faith and The End of Our Exploring: A Book about Questioning and the Confidence of Faith. Follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


  1. I think we can say “Senator Thune” now: daschlevthune.typepad.comI guess it turned out to be fortuitous for Thune that he was fradulently robbed of his House election last time, and was rewarded for not filing a sour grapes lawsuit then which he probably would have won. instead, Daschle got punished by SoDaks who weren’t impressed by the laughable suit he desperately filed yesterday.

    You’re right, Matt. Having an alumnus in the Senate is a huge coup for Biola. I won’t be so hesitant now to explain where I got my undergrad degree.


  2. Yah, it does look like Thune’s a winner:


    Only 43 more precincts and its done.


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