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In Response to Sumpter on Ethnicity and Polity

December 30th, 2022 | 30 min read

By Susannah Black Roberts

Toby Sumpter has written a thoughtful response to my Theopolis piece on Wolfe’s Case for Christian Nationalism. I wanted to delay responding till post-Christmas (YES, I KNOW, it is still Christmas till Epiphany, calm down) to avoid generating Discourse, which is too often the opposite of Christmas cheer. I urge you to read his piece, and mine, for full context. It’s a conversation I welcome, and I could easily imagine going back and forth with responses to each others’ responses. I didn’t mean to write a new piece. This was meant to be a Twitter thread. Ah well.

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Susannah Black Roberts

Susannah Black Roberts is senior editor at Plough. She is a native Manhattanite. She and her husband, the theologian Alastair Roberts, split their time between Manhattan and the West Midlands of the UK.