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  1. I’m pretty sure it was mostly tongue-in-cheek, but I was not a little disturbed with Derek’s flippancy about textual integrity in face of an attractive theological point.

    Anyway, couldn’t the being raised to life be a distinct point from the appearances? Thus, it’s Alastair’s point about the souls under the altar in Revelation (the dead are now in the presence of Christ, who has carried them to the heavenlies), but that what people saw was not the dead people per se, but a vision? On Mt. Tabor, it’s not explicit that what Peter saw was a “vision” of Moses and Elijah, but they just disappear in the end. To say that the bodies of many saints (presumably recognizable people for Matthew to call them holy people) appeared to many seems proleptic. To assume they lived and died again seems, to me anyway, to demand more of the text than, say, something like Lazarus’ resurrection does.


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