The usual suspects gather to consider how God interacts with the world. They discuss this article from Peter Leithart. You may also find this article from Alastair helpful.


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Posted by JF Arnold


  1. […] the latest Mere Fidelity podcast, we took up the subject of perichoresis, interacting with this article by Peter Leithart and his […]


  2. Nicely done highlighting the ugly Fueurbachian ditch into which much post-Moltmannian theology has fallen, and potential worries about such tendencies in Leithart’s article (and book). Matt highlighted the important difference between names and analogies, and I wanted to add to this a further distinction between metaphorical and analogical naming. Thomas discusses this as a distinction between calling God, say, ‘rock’ in order to accent his strength, immovability, and so on, but we do not therefore suppose that in attributing imagistically such properties to God we have named him. Whereas when we say God is just, we really mean to name his substance. In such analogical naming, the res but not the modus habiendi is shared. Derek did a nice job articulating the limits that creator-creature distinction imposes upon analogical naming. Great podcast this week guys.


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