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Mere Fidelity: Ask Us Anything (No, Really, Ask Us Here So We Can Answer Them)

October 10th, 2015 | 1 min read

By JF Arnold

We're approaching our 50th episode of Mere Fidelity, which is a little hard to believe.  We're so grateful for all your support and attention.  To celebrate, we want to do another "Ask Us Anything" edition.

Mere Fidelity

So, um, ask us anything.  And then vote below in the comments on which questions you like best.  We’ll discuss as many of the most popular questions as we can in the time allotted, and all the rest will be thrown into the abyss.  Or we’ll take them up in a future episode.  We're not a democracy, so don't let this bit of power go to your head.

Fire away, then.  And if you’re on Twitter and want to pass the word around, feel free to use the #merefi hashtag.  Questions asked there will be unofficially considered, but if you want official recognition you need to come to these here comments and do your thing.

This whole voting thing will go on until THIS TUESDAY at midnight. Thanks again for your kindness and support.

JF Arnold