Last week, we gave you the opportunity to ask the crew some questions. You did so. And now, to fulfill the promise made, here they are, answering some of them.

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Posted by JF Arnold


  1. Just a logistical issue: When Andrew is speaking he sometimes fades out and we don’t catch everything he says, or at the least, it trails off. Might help if you could figure out how to fix that. Thanks.


    1. Well, our hope is that no one will hear anything Andrew says. C’mon, James, you should know that!

      (Seriously, I’ll look into it. I bet he’s moving away from his microphone whilst speaking.)



      1. Relieved to know that some sort of jamming device not being employed by the other members of the cast…


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  3. Does anyone have any articles on the celebratory links of communion within scripture? I’m from a memorial, introspective tradition and am fascinated by Alastair’s points re the importance of wine.


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