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It's Not Just a Sad Day in California

November 9th, 2005 | 1 min read

By Andrew Selby

This FoxNews article chronicles the downfall of the school board in Dover, Pennsylvania which tried to get Intelligent Design approved to teach in the public schools. All eight of the members of the board who were Republicans lost out to Democrats who fully intend to go back to the closed-minded status quo of teaching Evolution.

It's sad that such progressive attempts to understand the physical world such as the Intelligent Design movement meet up with such narrow-thinking people in the scientific world. The people who ban Intelligent Design are akin to those who refused to accept Newton's new system of physics. Hopefully someday those who would stifle scientific progress will come to see the advantages of a system that acknowledges a Designer (not necessarily the God of the Bible) is at work in the universe and not everything can be explained by material causation. Maybe the same people will even be able to understand the last statement I made someday...but sometimes that day seems so far off.

It's been a bad day in my political/cultural life. It's a sad day in our beautiful America.