In the Christian Life, there is often a disconnect between our hearing and confessing and our doing. In light of this perennial problem, Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer joins Matt, Alastair, and Derek to discuss his work, Hearers and Doers: A Pastor’s Guide to Making Disciples Through Scripture and Doctrine, and share why we should never be content to let doctrine live in the abstract untethered from our hearts.

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Dr. Vanhoozer’s writing policy [0:00 – 5:00]

He do we become “doers of the word”? [5:00 – 7:15]

The imagination as the pivot point in living the Christian life [7:15 – 11:12]

How doctrines help us to inhabit the Christian story [11:12 – 15:20]

Theological interpretation as essential for stabilizing and balancing us in Christ [15:20 – 24:05]

Which doctrines we need to “shape-up” on [24:05 – 27:37]

The church’s struggle as Israel’s struggle [27:37 – 31:15]

Where do you see the need for better pedagogy in the church? [31:15 – 35:31]

Encouragement for the pastor theologian [35:31 – 39:50]

Whose imagination matters in the church? [39:50 – 43:33]

How can the church practice formation in its members? [43:33 – 47:12]

Resources mentioned:

Pictures at a Theological Exhibition: Scenes of the Church’s Worship, Witness and Wisdom by Kevin Vanhoozer

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