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Want people to go to Church? Invite them. Want them to stay? Invite them into your life.

September 20th, 2023 | 23 min read

By Stiven Peter

Growing up, I attended a megachurch of around 4000 people, most of whom were predominantly working-class Hispanics. The Church, though situated in the heart of Brooklyn-Queens, functioned like any megachurch you can find in America: a three-song worship set of contemporary music, followed by a 20-30 minute inspirational message for a roughly middle-class audience to have faith, trust God, and follow their purpose. This is the Church in America that I know. This is the Church where I grew up, found community, volunteered, and stayed. When my high school education put me in the ranks of the secular elite, I stayed. When I became Reformed in 2014, and my theology put me squarely at odds with everything I was taught, I stayed.

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Stiven Peter

Stiven Peter is an M.A. student at Reformed Theological Seminary-NYC. Previously, he graduated from the University of Chicago with a double major in economics and religious studies. He currently lives in NYC.