For those of you who know, I decided sometime recently that I want to begin my graduate career in psychology before moving on to philosophy. I applied to Fuller’s Graduate School of Psychology, and I now have an interview with them which will likely determine whether or not I am admitted. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Posted by Keith E. Buhler


  1. Best wishes. Now, would you eventually become a philospher of psychology, or a psychologist for philosophers?


  2. Thanks!

    Of the two, I think shrinks for philosophers are the most needed! :)


  3. I think psychology should see philosophy for counselling.


  4. So, Enthused One, any news?


  5. At three o’clock today I received a call from Fuller congratulating me on my acceptance to the masters program.


  6. Psychology definitely needs some counselling on the following topics:

    1. Presuppositions and the dangers of failing to recognize them.

    2. Methodological Naturalism: what it can and can’t do.

    Any others?


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