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Going to GodBlogCon

July 11th, 2007 | 1 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

The crew behind GodBlogCon have pulled together a stellar lineup of speakers for this year's event, adding to the usual suspects the heavy firepower of Al Mohler.

What's more, they have smartly aligned it with BlogWorldExpo, which promises to be a huge gathering of bloggers from across the ideological spectrum.
In short, they have made it far more legitimate than it ever was before, have broadened its potential for impact, have moved it out of its Southern California location (hopefully expanding its potential attendees) and have kept the price nearly the same (if, that is, you register now like you're supposed to).

GodBlogCon has been one of the most important blessings in my private and blogging lives.  While an impending move to St. Louis is going to make it harder to go, I plan to do what I can to be there and to continue to support the work Dustin Steeve, Kevin Wang and their phenomenal supporting cast are doing (not to mention to learn how to be a better blogger).

Also, the new website is sweet.  Another home run from the guys at Zeit Studios.  Well done.

Matthew Lee Anderson

Matthew Lee Anderson is an Associate Professor of Ethics and Theology in Baylor University's Honors College. He has a D.Phil. in Christian Ethics from Oxford University, and is a Perpetual Member of Biola University's Torrey Honors College. In 2005, he founded Mere Orthodoxy.