First, read Andrew Sullivan’s responses to the announcement of the new pope, here and here and here.

Then read Bainbridge’s response here. He politely says what everyone is thinking.

Then check out Dr. Reynolds riff on Sullivan’s second post here. The money quote:

Sullivan: His theology is indeed distinguished, if somewhat esoteric and at times a little odd.

Reynolds: Any bets on how many Ratzinger books Sullivan has actually read?

I’m going to aim high and guess two.

Perhaps RomanCatholicBlog says it best:

Then again, how else would Sullivan react? Short of Benedict XVI had come out on the balcony and declared, “Everything I said before about homosexuality? Fuggedaboutit! Gays can get married!”, nothing would have made Sullivan happy.

To quote The Blogger, “Heh.”

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Posted by Matthew Lee Anderson

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