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Facing the Giants still winning its way through

November 2nd, 2006 | 2 min read

By Keith E. Buhler


In FACING THE GIANTS, the Sherwood Academy Eagles face a school three times their size in the championship game. For five weekends now, FACING THE GIANTS has taken on Hollywood films that would make the Richland Giants look tiny by comparison. Yet like those plucky Eagles, the movie itself has done exceedingly well against its stiff competition! FACING THE GIANTS was once again one of the top 20 films for the weekend, finishing No. 19. Its total box office draw compared to the previous weekend had the smallest decline of any top-20 films. And the movie's per-screen average placed it ninth among the top-20 films.


Because of the impact FACING THE GIANTS is having, the movie continues being added to new towns. Starting this Friday and continuing on through November 10 and November 17, the film will be seen for the first time in a large number of towns. To see where FACING THE GIANTS is opening over the next three weeks, click here