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East Coast Jaunting

November 9th, 2006 | 1 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

I'm not sure "jaunting" is a word, but who cares. It's that time of the night for me.

I'm headed out early tomorrow morning for a ten day trip to the east coast. The first leg I'll be in Charlotte, N.C. attending the National Apologetics Conference at Southern Evangelical Seminary. I'm not sure how blogging will be, though I am hoping to put a few posts up from the conference. After that, it's on to Washington D.C. for the Evangelical Theological Society general meeting. Blogging will definitely be light, as my schedule is packed with meetings. Rumor has it a friend has hooked me up with a White House tour as well. Good times.

More thoughts, as always, on all things that happen to be in my mind at any particular moment when I return.

Oh, before I go, one recommendation: see The Prestige. I was going to review it before I left, but time ran short. It is an entertaining and compelling film. "Are you watching closely?" My big thought that is currently inchoate (that's a GRE word, thank you) is that it is intentionally a criticism of lackadaisical audiences who wish only to be entertained, without wanting to think. Be prepared for some disturbing images, but also for an enjoyable and provocative film.

Matthew Lee Anderson

Matthew Lee Anderson is the Founder and Lead Writer of Mere Orthodoxy. He is the author of Earthen Vessels: Why Our Bodies Matter to our Faith and The End of Our Exploring: A Book about Questioning and the Confidence of Faith. Follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.