First up for the Washington Briefing, FRC President Tony Perkins, who is doing his articulating the “values voters” platform.

In this order, what matters is:

  • Building a culture of life by overthrowing the “judicial tyranny” that Roe exemplifies.
  • Defending and supporting marriage as a means of keeping the family the central unit of American life.
  • A “culture of decency”–reducing pornography and the
  • national defense
  • responsible foreign policy–with peace that comes through security, we can reduce the poverty and injustice that exists in many areas of the world

The only interesting aspect to Perkins’ outline of the “value voters” platform is the addition of the final two points. Why let the religious left co-opt the social justice aspect of Christianity?
Also, it’s interesting to note what’s missing–“values voters” apparently are not concerned with economics.

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Posted by Matthew Lee Anderson

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