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The Cost of Nurture

Christians and even some non-Christian philosophers regularly strive to ‘remember death,’ but few of us seem willing to remember our birth. Only a few paragraphs into Augustine’s Confessions, he recalls the grace of God given to him by his own...

/ November 23, 2021

Trauma, Attachment, and Self-Care: What Everyone Should Know

Trauma. Once a word that solely referred to a physical wound, it is now far more popularly discussed with regards to psychological wounds. One can read dozens of books about trauma and find countless memes floating around discussing it, but...

/ November 12, 2021

Public Health After Christendom

How are we to consider public health when the health of the public officials themselves would not be recognizable to prior generations? Are we to simply stick our heads in the sand pretending that everything is normal? The CDC has...

/ November 11, 2021

Burnout, According to Solomon

I’ve made huge lists of everything I’ve done in my short life. I’ve accomplished so much, and I can show you my work, says Solomon. It’s too familiar. Lists have been a lifeline for me as a working mom, a...

/ November 10, 2021

Portraits of Anxiety in Dostoevsky and Dickens

E.M. Forster wrote, “it is the function of the novelist to reveal the hidden life at its source.” In Aspects of the Novel, Forester explains that while it is the work of the historian to deal with the external details...

/ November 10, 2021

The American Style in Traditionalist Parenting

Paula S. Fass. The End of American Childhood: A History of Parenting from Life on the Frontier to the Managed Child. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2017. $19.95, 352 pp. Perhaps more than anything else, Paula S. Fass’s learned and engaging...

/ November 8, 2021

Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Wall: Love and Citizenship

WELCOME TO UNALASKA. FREE COFFEE DONUTS. John Honan’s in the school bus next to the bridge again, its black on white on yellow greeting lit up in the fog lamps of the ramshackle cars blearily gazing through the dim mist...

/ November 4, 2021

Suffer the Little Children

It is a hard thing not to love one’s children. It is not hard to resent them, to see them as miscreants or burdens, to think them selfish and base, to find their concupiscence by turns infuriating and repugnant. Neither...

/ November 4, 2021

Marriage as Moral Orthodoxy

As evangelicals watch megachurches and other institutions wobble in their convictions about marriage, we have sought to buttress support by elevating the traditional view of the doctrine to a matter of orthodoxy. Always up for a good statement — or...

/ November 3, 2021

A Legacy of Letters: Living and Dying Well in the Lives of My Great-Grandparents

A tiny Bella, wearing a striped sweater and a mostly toothless grin. My parents, glowingly happy with their new baby. My three great-grandparents, seemingly ageless.

/ October 14, 2021