KakaOne of the world’s best footballers–the deadly Brazilian striker, Kaka–will attempt to lead AC Milan to victory today over a tough Liverpool squadfor the UEFA Champions League title. (You can see highlights of his role in dismantling Manchester United during the semifinal match here and a personal highlight clip here.)

What few might know about Kaka, myself included until today, is that this budding superstar is also a committed Evangelical Christian. This afternoon, as part of the build up to the final, ESPN.com is running an article that focuses in on how Kaka’s character and faith have helped mold him into the internationally respected man that he is–both on and off the pitch.

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Posted by Elliot Ravenwood


  1. It was an interesting game. Did the first goal go off the AC Milan player’s hand? How could a 2-0 game in the last 5 minutes be so exciting?

    Usually, I become concerned about the witness of Christian athletes. I don’t think my life would stand up to that sort of scrutiny without damage, but I think its important to share this sort of story whenever we can.


  2. Elliot Ravenwood May 23, 2007 at 10:54 pm

    For those like me who missed the match itself, here are highlights of just the goals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rViGxApgH3U .

    On the first goal, the replay clearly shows the ball hitting Inzaghi’s upper arm. However, if you want to get technical: if a players arm is snug to historso, contact by the ball to the arm is not a handball, but simply a deflection. So that goal is fine. This goal (http://tinyurl.com/yrpuon) is not.

    By the way, for goals like Inzaghi’s second, I really think they should give the goal to the assist-maker, which was Kaka, of course. It was just a superb pass, shredding the defense and making the goal essentially a layup.

    Last, Dr. Jones, you make a good point about the perils of being a publicly Christian athlete. That said, I think professional Christian athletes have fared much better than most Christians in either the music or tv/film worlds. Any thoughts on why that is?


  3. So it was him that was running around afterwards with “I belong to Jesus” emblazoned on his undershirt?

    Since Liverpool is my adopted home I feel obliged to point out that the ref blew the final whistle at least 20 seconds if not a minute too soon (at 92:42), but fair play since we beat them in the final two years ago.


  4. P.S. Does Inzaghi remind anyone else of one A. Scott Cov.?


  5. I’m sure I don’t have a definitive answer, but two thoughts as to why Christian athletes might fare better than music or tv/film. First, Christian athletes spend much of their time around other professional athletes, who would normally be less likely to introduce harmful substances to their body. Second, we normally don’t know many of the deeper views of athletes. If someone makes music of writes for tv/movies, we are much more likely to become aware of their personal philosophies.


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