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Out of the Chaos

September 15th, 2005 | 1 min read

By Matthew Lee Anderson

As an avid reader of, I was interested to read this article on former University of Florida quarterback Danny Wuerffel's intent to rebuild the Desire Street Ministries, the non-profit ministry he left football to serve. Bill Curry, the author, is understandably impressed by him:

When the kid quarterback won big games and a national championship for his team, he was having fun. The luster of that and other victories will fade. What Wuerffel is doing these days is not fun as he seeks his Desire Street children, who are scattered about the country in evacuee centers. But his passion will generate joy as one life after another is reclaimed from the storm and the streets. That will never fade. Wuerffel is living out his faith in such a way as to have an eternal impact.

It actually is worth reading the whole thing.

Matthew Lee Anderson

Matthew Lee Anderson is an Associate Professor of Ethics and Theology in Baylor University's Honors College. He has a D.Phil. in Christian Ethics from Oxford University, and is a Perpetual Member of Biola University's Torrey Honors College. In 2005, he founded Mere Orthodoxy.