Matt, Alastair and Derek consider book 7 of Augustine’s Confessions.

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Posted by JF Arnold

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  1. This blog is interesting. I spent a number of years in the PCA, and it’s been interesting to engage with thoughtful people who have elected to stay part of that movement.

    That said, I believe that this is a blog for people who believe that the Gospel is true. I have come to believe that it is a lie. After all, when nearly 85% of Christians support Trumpism, it suggests that the Gospel witness is inextricably tied to the merits of the Trump presidency. After a recent trip to Japan and China, I feel like Buddhism provides a better account of reality than Christianity. So, I have decided to practice Buddhism. If Christianity can provide us with nothing better than Trump, then it suggests that Christianity cannot be true.

    So, I won’t be commenting here any longer.


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