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What to like…if you're white.

March 13th, 2008 | 1 min read

By Tex

Nothing profound today.

Instead, given that many of the folks here at Mere Orthodoxy are interested in understanding, critiquing, and improving American culture, Stuff While People Like is quickly becoming a must-read blog.  The attention to detail, and the humorous culture analysis are a prime example of good satire.  Of course, there are no great alternatives to the anomalies, prides, and prejudices of the culture exposed at the website, but it is a good start towards understanding how to write scathing satire while avoiding sounding petty, trite, or mean-spirited.

Of course, one can hardly ever sound petty, trite, or mean-spirited poking fun at white people these days…most white people (at least the yuppie, liberal, American type) are still too overcome with guilt over past centuries of colonialism, imperialism, and racism to ever have the nerve to be offended by anyone making racist comments about them.  Oh, the irony is glorious (and this is probaly one more reason for the popularity of the site).