Once again, I was impressed with the (relatively) painless process of filing my taxes with TurboTax’s online service. For my admittedly simple W2 earner’s return, it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes, it cost me $60 total for them to do my Federal and state returns, and my refund will be deposited directly into my checking account in as little as 9 days. They have all kinds of deduction questionaires to find out just how much you can get back, and the whole layout is in simple Question-Answer online format, which makes for a rather pleasant experience, as far as taxes are concerned.

I recommend their service!

They also have little extras (for a fee of course) like Audit Defense ($30), which is basically audit insurance. If you end up being audited, they provide personalized service, correspondance with the IRS on your behalf, advice, etc.

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Posted by Keith E. Buhler


  1. My roommate has also recommended Taxact.com, which is about half the cost. I am curious if there are differences in service perks, etc. Has anyone tried Taxact that would care to comment on how it is? Can you transfer over information you entered last year?


  2. Geez… how complicated can your taxes be? I filled out my taxes in under an hour, and that includes deductions for college expenses and retirement savings. No software needed, and no fee.


  3. I love that I can always count on you, Jim, for a nice frank WTF comment to keep me honest.

    I don’t suppose my taxes are complicated at all, but I have had such an unpleasant time in the past muddling my way through the forms, with an ever-present sensation that I might be doing something wrong, that it was worth it in “perceived value” for me to have a guide. Also, I dont’ have a copier, but I do have a printer!

    Perhaps next year my confidence will have mounted to the point of not feeling the need for an eletronic stamp of approval.


  4. I use a spreadsheet to make sure I get the math right–the software just simplifies that process, I’d imagine.

    The more you earn and the more you own, the more you have to itemize. At least in this way it pays to be poor.


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