A fascinating narrative in the style of the Greek fables, written by unlikely author…


“In ancient times, when the world was just beginning that is, there was a young lonely nymph named Rose. Rose was lonely because she wasn’t as beautiful as the other nymphs of the forest. Every day she would sit and watch over the daisies, as it was her job to do so, and she would long to to feel as though she belonged with the other nymphs. More importantly, she longed to feel loved. It was indeed a very sad life for a nymph to live.

Rose became so sad and lonely, that she began neglecting her job and Demeter, since she was the mother of all nature, came down to Earth to find out what was amiss. When she learned of Rose’s problem she immediately took pity on her. She then called for Aphrodite to come and help out the unfortunate nymph. When Aphrodite saw the pleading look in the young nymph’s eyes, her heart went out to her. She then agreed to turn Rose into a beautiful nymph.

Time went by, as it does, and Rose became more and more beautiful. She became so beautiful in fact that all the male nymphs of the forest became infatuated with her. Because of that she became aware of the power she held over them and she proceeded to tease them and flirt with them and to have them believe that she loved them. Only when they truly believed that she loved them she would break their hearts by telling them that she loved another, which she never did.

In Mount Olympus Aphrodite found out about Rose’s mistreating of her wonderful gift. Aphrodite became so enraged that she immediately went down to Earth to where Rose was. She told Rose that because she had misused a gift that had been given to her she was to be punished. Rose begged for Aphrodite to stop but she had already made up her mind.
Rose began to quickly waste away into the ground from which she had been created. When rose had completely turned to soil, a single beautiful flower came up from the ground. On it Aphrodite put thorns to remind those who fell in love with its beauty, that because of its beauty it could hurt you.

Some people today, still claim that the dew on the rose is caused by Rose’s tears begging for forgiveness.”

Written by a 7th grade student Warrensburg Middle School in Warrensburg, Missouri

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Posted by Keith E. Buhler

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