Matt, Derek, and Alastair discuss the struggles and misconceptions surrounding prayer: how prayer becomes burdensome, prayer as experiencing God in a veiled way, and what petitions in prayer should we not ask for? All of this and more.


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The struggle of prayer [1:00 – 5:50]

The struggle of solitude in prayer [5:50 – 8:20]

How prayer becomes immensely burdensome [8:20 – 13:28]

Experiencing God in prayer in a veiled way [13:28 – 15:50]

The necessity and sustainability of meager prayers [15:50 – 18:52]

Intercession and petition in prayer [18:52 – 21:50]

The movements of prayer given through examples in the gospels [21:50 – 24:06]

Intercession as the highest form of love [24:06 – 27:10, 29:52]

What petitions should we not ask for? [29:52 – 37:19]

How to pray for others well when they ask for it [37:19 – 41:18]

The Collect of the Day + Live show announcement [41:18 – 43:37]


Resources mentioned:

The Possibility of Prayer: Finding Stillness with God in a Restless World
by John Starke


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