A brief note: During the various conversations and activities I engaged in today, I was struck with a renewed realization that everything, from what job I have and how well I might do, to the people I relate with and how well or poorly I relate to them, to the speed and amount I grow as a person, are all directly dependent on God’s love for me. If he did not love me, personally and profoundly, I would not have the strength or self-confidence with which to take risks and grow as a person… (nor could I find or accomplish the steps needed to participate in sanctification.) Without his love, I would be grasping for and clinging to the love I receive from friends and family, unable to relax, to serve, and to give. And, without his active love for me, I would have no “mission” or purpose in life to apply myself to, for “unless the Lord builds the house, the workman works in vain,” and all of my efforts would come to naught. Praise the Lord that he does not ignore, does not neglect, does not disdain us, nor does he force himself into our lives and our worlds, but rather, always the gentlemen, kindly invites us to join him (along with the happiest group of people in the universe), in paradise.

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Posted by Keith E. Buhler

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  1. Andrew McKnight Selby February 28, 2006 at 6:20 am

    Yes! That is awesome! A healthy understanding of God’s love and grace-based soteriology is really the only way we can live harmoniously in community. This thought struck me when I was thinking heavily about apogetics when evangelizing a cult. There can be no rest and the yoke cannot be easy when one believes he must perform first and be loved second.


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