What is the central doctrine of Christianity, the incarnation or the cross? Christmas or Easter?

What is the root heresy, the corruption or denial of the central doctrine?

What is the motivation for and consequence of this error?

What is the branching tree of heretical options that grow from this single root?

What is the relationship between the Gnostic opposition of flesh and spirit, and the oppositions between human persons and human nature?

Good question.

Perry Robinson of the Eastern Orthodox blog, Energetic Procession, gives a stunning and confrontational treatment of the above, and more.

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Posted by Keith E. Buhler


  1. The focus on the existential here can obscure that some of the perceived risks are indeed significant for the woman. The character of economic risk as one of the drivers for abortion can be found in survey data from the Guttmacher Institute. Pro-life liberals have emphasized creating more robust safety nets to reduce this risk, a position that has not always been well received by conservatives.


  2. Eh, I like the old line of telling people to suck up and get over it, and deal with the consequences of their actions much more. This gives too much cover to the hideous and unconscionable motives behind abortion. “You are irresponsible and a baby killer” says the same thing as “you are pathologically terrified of risk, and unwilling to give up your prior commitments and agenda etc.” It’s a distinction without a difference, except that it tries to soften a blow that ought not be softened.


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