I have officially applied to Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. I’m pretty excited! This coming week I will be taking the Graduate Recording Exam… It is one of the last steps. A few more letters of rec. and the GRE scores, and my application will be complete. Notification is April 15th.

I say all that just to share what’s up with this next stage of my life, but: If anyone has taken the GRE and has any tips or recommendations for how to succeed on the test, I would much appreciate it!

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Posted by Keith E. Buhler


  1. Keith,

    Study study study. It helps. I raised me score by 140 points by doing a lot of preparation on the second take.

    Get used to working math problems: it’s one thing to re-learn the old formulas, it’s another to become habituated to working them quickly.

    Beef up your vocabulary. There are some good free lists on the internet; Barron’s word list comes to mind. I learned about 300 words for my exam. I remember most of them.

    Give yourself a lot of prep time. I studied for three months, doing little bits every day. I think this was ideal (though miserable). It doesn’t sound like you have that much time. Take whatever time you have, and give a lot to the GRE. It’s worth it.

    I found that the two best books were ETS’s and Princeton’s. The latest edition of Princeton is 2005 (I think; the year is in the title, anyway), and the latest of ETS is the 10th.


  2. A week away? Too late for any serious study… Hmm… get lots of sleep. Brush up on your algebra. Do some logic problems.

    Mostly, though, don’t get psyched out by the computer adaptive test. It adjusts questions based on how well you’re doing–harder if well, easier if poorly–and the tendency is to start second-guessing yourself, wondering if the questions are getting harder, until it becomes a meta-stress issue. Just relax, do your best, concentrate on one question at a time.


  3. I suppose I should clarify: I’ve been studying for the last 3 months using Kaplan’s 2005 prep book. This has been eminently helpful.

    Now I’m been asking around for last minute tips, the likes of “get lost of sleep”, which I have now received from three different people, so I am going to take that advice!


  4. I took the GRE! It went well. Many thanks to the Kaplan book and the many friends (and teachers) who I polled about strategies for success. My score was as predicted by diagnostic tests: I got a 590 Quantitative and a 670 Verbal (50th and 94th percentile, respectively). I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for feedback on the Analytical Writing… I felt pretty good about it; this blog has surely been a crucial practice-ground! Thanks for the encouragement and advice, guys.


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